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News and Comment April 2012

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5 April - We wish him well…

Chief Superintendent Dave StringerPrevious blogs have alluded to the absence of Deputy Police Commander Darren Williams by mentioning that Tony Gowen is holding the post on a temporary basis; now it has been announced that Commander Stringer himself is off to pastures new (Tower Hamlets) and who can blame him. His replacement from 16th April will be Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa.

Working with a council which includes a criminal blogger cannot be a load of fun especially as it involves sitting alongside them at meetings when the police know exactly who they have reported to the Crown Prosecution Service, even if we don’t yet; speaking of which…

Elwyn Bryant’s MP, James Brokenshire, asked him to get back to him if he had not heard anything more by yesterday - so he did.

I still think the most likely explanation for the delay is as stated last month, a ‘lady running around asking her friends in high places how to go about persuading the Crown Prosecution it isn’t in the public interest’.

Still struggling with a text editor pending delivery of new hard drive.


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