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News and Comment April 2012

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6 April (Part 1) - Joined at the hip

Teresa and BorisEric Pickles the Communities Secretary, James Brokenshire, MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup, Jonathan Rooks the Green Party’s GLA candidate and Ken Livingston the would-be London Mayor, all agree with 2,219 Bexley residents that the subject of senior salary levels in Bexley should be debated. So what does Boris Johnson think?

If you guess his office have no wish to show dissent from his favoured lady’s dishonest abuse of Standing Order 84 you would be dead right. “The Council has made the decision that it would be inappropriate and unconstitutional to discuss individual salaries and circumstances in a public meeting. This is a local decision for the Council to make. It would not be appropriate for him to comment on this matter”.

Those carefully chosen words do not quite manage to support Bexley council. Boris does not endorse the abuse of Standing Order 84 to prevent acceptance of Elwyn Bryant’s petition but merely notes it. Elwyn has been persuaded that the very obvious misuse of a Standing Order is something that should be reported to the Local Government Ombudsman and he will no doubt be making his complaint very soon.

My computer is restored to service. Thank you to the Bonkers reader who reminded me to take a back up image when I last had a problem with it at the end of February. My only loss was some emails. I was a week out of date with the backups.


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