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News and Comment April 2012

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10 April - Not been Ollied yet

Before I get any more enquiries as to why things have been quiet I had better say, and the answer is simple, there hasn’t been anything worth reporting and the holiday is an opportunity to catch up with other work. I did have someone’s report on how Bexley may be drawing a veil over some financial business but it didn’t make for light holiday reading. Another time maybe.

There was a suggestion that I should announce when I was going to attend a council meeting beforehand, rather than just write a report afterwards. I’m not keen on that, I rather like keeping Bexley in the dark not knowing whether to hire their team of bouncers or not. In any event the calendar of meetings is available from the Bonkers main menu under Links, Council and it’s the third one on the list. If you check you will see there is a Cabinet Meeting tonight. I will go. Everything will have been discussed and settled beforehand so it won’t last long. I suspect that if nobody went they would call their well rehearsed spectacle off and go home even earlier.

Does anyone need a reminder that Olly Cromwell’s trial for being a persistent critic of Bexley council is scheduled for 10 a.m. next Friday 13th April? At Bexley Magistrates Court. Not Bromley or Greenwich as it has variously been scheduled in the past.


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