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News and Comment April 2012

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13 April (Part 1) - It’s official, asking a rhetorical question and including the ‘C’ word is a crime

I had assumed that by the time I got home from Bexley Magistrates’ Court, Twitter would be alive with the news that Olly Cromwell was found guilty under Section 127 of the Telecommunications Act 2003 of Tweeting a grossly offensive and menacing comment; but it appears not. As soon as time permits I shall provide a formal report on the proceedings and then another on possible consequences.

The District Judge allowed bail and referred Olly to Bromley Court for sentencing and pre-sentence reports. The view of those more used to court proceedings than I am said this was a likely precursor to a custodial sentence. However Olly's barrister has stepped in and demanded an appeal hearing as soon as possible. This I understand will happen and will be at Woolwich Crown Court.

I left the scene just before 3 p.m. as Olly was taken away by his barrister for another meeting. She was clearly as shocked by the verdict as everyone else - except, that is, for a bunch of four or five thugs who surrounded me shouting much the same obscenities used by Olly, jabbing their fingers towards my face and demanding why I was supporting someone who advocated posting dog faeces through letter boxes.

I tried to explain no one would support such behaviour but that Olly had done no such thing. “Actual shit” is unfortunately the modern vernacular for all sorts of rubbish. However these people were not intelligent people with any degree of debating skill. Their modus-operandi was limited to an amazing frequency of ‘F’ words and threatening gestures. I asked who they were and they said they were councillor Melvin Seymour’s friends. You know a man by the company he keeps.


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