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News and Comment April 2012

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13 April (Part 3) - Olly - An alternative view

For a view from the other side you may wish to see the following anonymous comments from one of councillor Seymour’s friends. He takes issue with me for believing that “post actual shit” must be a reference to electronic communication as to send the real stuff would require an address and Olly didn’t give one. He and anyone else is free to believe I am naive or wrong. For the record the NotoMob people did not, except one of them momentarily, wear one of their masks in my presence or their motorcycling helmets. There were at most eight of them outside the court and they did not find it necessary to jab fingers in anyone’s faces.

My name is the Truth. Someone you have no connection to as the truth and yourself are completely at odds. Do you really believe that people are naive enough to swallow your bullshit account of what this idiot actually meant by "please feel free to go round and post some actual shit"? bearing in mind this was after he had posted a picture of the very house in question. You cannot see the woods from the trees as you are so consumed with your own pitiful self importance. As for you keep referring to being accosted and surrounded by thugs i noticed you failed to mention the fact that you and your supporters present, some with masks on their heads, outnumbered these so-called thugs by at least 3 to 1. Once again you and the truth are at odds. But I suppose in reality you cant tell the truth because if you did you would look like the deluded Buffoon that you really are!

My anonymous critic, you will note, finds it necessary to expand Olly's comment to “please feel free to go round and post some actual shit”. If Olly had said “go round and post shit” it would have been a very different case indeed. Olly would have no doubt found himself alone. Why do Bexley council supporters always have to go around making things up?


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