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News and Comment April 2012

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14 April (Part 1) - Relaying good surfaces?

Townley RoadIt’s hard to be precise but something between one in 500 and one in 1,000 people who visit this site use the Contact page. The most common grouse is unnecessary fiddling with the road network. Earlier this week I was tipped off that Townley Road was about to be resurfaced when there was nothing visibly wrong with it. With so much going on in recent days I didn’t get out with my camera until this morning. Sure enough the carriageway nearest the Central Library and the whole of the corner that is immediately behind the camera position was nice and new. I have no way of telling if the surface looked good before but there is no reason to suspect my informant was mistaken. However I am going to give Bexley council the benefit of the doubt on this one.

The northern section of Townley Road has in recent years been changed from a cull-de-sac where the disabled and elderly could be dropped off right outside the Shopping Mall to a bus only area with routes that had previously bypassed it diverted there every few minutes.

When I was a kid and lived close to a major bus station I used to watch the road surface migrate where several buses each minute would turn sharply to enter. It took only a few months for a flat road to become a ten inch high curved ridge under the pressure of the turning wheels. The road was constantly being repaired. Maybe Townley Road was showing signs of the same thing.


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