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News and Comment April 2012

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14 April (Part 2) - Long Lane bus stop

Long Lane bus stop Long Lane bus stop Long Lane bus stopAnother of last week’s emails was a thank you from someone pleased to see the idiocy that is Long Lane highlighted. I was planning on getting back for a better look at the bus stop anyway but the email was an added incentive.

The revisions have made crossing the road more dangerous - no central refuge - impossible for anything but the smallest of cars to park legally. Caused additional traffic delays due to the changed pedestrian crossing and the problems that arise from the queue for W.J. King’s petrol station, especially when a bus has stopped - the central queue of traffic in the second photograph is waiting for fuel - and bus drivers who must judge very precisely where it is safe to stop.

I am told that the Co-op delivery lorries have lost their parking space but not being familiar with the area I cannot vouch for that.

What has the scheme achieved? Possibly more parking fine revenue, more money for F.M. Conway and a boost to Frizoni’s ego having spoiled another area of town and got away with it.


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