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News and Comment April 2012

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15 April (Part 5) - More about Friday the 13th

Friday 13th April 2012 was not the first day on which I watched a Bexley councillor stand in a witness box and take a Bible in his hand and promise to tell the truth. On the first occasion I saw Bexley council’s deputy leader swear that a cafeteria within the council owned Thames Innovation Centre (TIC) was not open to the public. I was sure it was as it was advertised in the road outside and on the web (and this was subsequently confirmed) but he insisted that was untrue. It may seem like a bit of trivia but it was important to hear the truth because deputy leader Colin Campbell was defending Bexley council’s decision to employ a charged (and subsequently convicted) paedophile as manager of the TIC and allow him access to areas where mothers and children were encouraged to visit by virtue of the services offered at the TIC. Children were able to run around the cafeteria either because their mothers had legitimate business at the TIC or because they had merely popped in for a coffee. I don’t believe that councillor Campbell was happy with the decision of Bexley’s Human Resources Department but he was there to defend the council and he felt compelled to say something under oath which wasn’t true. When the Judge, who admitted to having been employed by Bexley’s Legal Department before taking up her judicial employment, was given the evidence that councillor Campbell was mistaken she refused to accept it.

In the picture above, councillor Seymour’s house is on the left and Olly’s is hidden behind the foreground tree. On the satellite view it is the block in the top left corner. Councillor Seymour’s front door is right opposite Olly’s. You can see how Olly, playing with his new camera, might take the fateful picture because it was the easiest subject around.

No yellow linesCouncillor Seymour said under oath that Olly had slammed the door in his face when Olly as a newly moved in neighbour was advised by him where he could safely park without receiving a penalty notice. There is no way of knowing if Olly slammed the door or not but he said he didn’t and slamming the door for no reason sounds implausible but it did help do the required damage in the Judge’s mind. Seymour said he was warning Olly of double yellow lines but there are none in their little cul-de-sac but the patch outside his house may have been relevant to his comment.

Something that concerns me about Friday is that the Judge was given an unedited version of the charges against Olly because no other was available. The prosecutor read an edited version from the original but no edited copy actually existed and he gave the original to the Judge to read over lunch. And why should they be edited you may ask. Because the charges were those prepared from the original false allegations that included flaming torches, pitchforks, petrol bombs and Olly writing on Bonkers. All of that was untrue; made up and distorted stories by Bexley council aimed at getting both Olly and me in trouble. The prosecution could find no evidence for any of those allegations which is what you might expect since they were all false and Olly was found not guilty last December. All the nonsense invented by Bexley council was put before the new Judge as fact. Worrying.

Banner photos from Google Street View and Google Earth.


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