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News and Comment April 2012

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16 April (Part 4) - Council meeting Wednesday

Time to get back to the bread and butter stuff. There is a full council meeting scheduled at Bexley’s Civic Offices next Wednesday 18th April 2012. Unlike most it will be held at 20:00 hours because it is preceded by a Civic Awards ceremony.

When I’ve turned up alone armed with notebook and pen I’ve been minded by two bouncers in case I start jabbing it in someone’s face in councillor Alan Downing style. I think I would place money on Bexley council organising a large police presence for Wednesday night with bouncers too.

Please don’t bring cameras or placards because Bexley’s amended Constitution forbids entry with either and don’t disturb the preceding Awards Ceremony, the people attending it don’t deserve that. But other than that it is a public council meeting. Come and see your elected representatives at work. What odds are being given on them cancelling it?

When I get back from the dentist there is more bread and butter stuff to come. A bus incident yesterday in the narrowed Abbey Road, Belvedere.


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