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News and Comment April 2012

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16 April (Part 6) - Bus incident in Abbey Road

As if Sunday afternoon was not busy enough one of my regular informants called to say that a bus had broken down right opposite one of the traffic islands that Bexley council likes to place opposite bus stops. Abbey Road, Belvedere has a special place in the history of this website because if Bexley hadn’t made it stupidly narrow and then try to bamboozle me by saying it met all the requirements of the experts who publish learned papers on such matters they would probably be free of all the enquiring eyes that currently look into their malpractices. It really was very bad luck that the head of the department that issued that report was a very good friend of mine and he came to take a look for himself. The correspondence went on line. On Bexley council’s own admission Abbey Road wasn’t an accident black spot but thanks to them accidents are quite common now; not that I am convinced that yesterday’s incident was.

Bus  congestion in in Abbey Road Bus and ambulance block Abbey Road Bus and police block Abbey RoadA 469 was stopped at the stop with it's engine cover lifted to indicate it was ‘in distress’ but it hadn’t broken down, there had been some other sort of incident. Someone was being treated by paramedics on board the bus and it is possible that someone fell while alighting or maybe hit by the bus or simply became ill; it seemed rather tasteless to ask when the medics obviously had an urgent job on their hand. However thanks to the road now being barely two-thirds the width it was the traffic congestion became quite interesting at times. Good job it was a Sunday afternoon and it looked as though the injuries were not life threatening.


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