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News and Comment April 2012

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16 April (Part 7) - You have to laugh don’t you?

Council lies
So Bexley council is lying to the Daily Mail now. When will they ever learn that it is constant lying that has been their undoing? Lying to the electorate, lying to the police, lying to newspapers. When will it stop?

“The council is totally supportive of freedom of expression and political debate.” Funny then that they all but closed down debate at council meetings, banished it totally when 2,219 people signed a petition and just a year ago persuaded the police to send me a warning of arrest for criticising councillors.

A complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission revealed that Bexley council had via Bexleyheath police persuaded the Crown Prosecution Service that a prosecution was possible but a more conscientious policeman discovered in the nick of time that “no offence had been committed”. Didn’t stop the lying council leader and her chief executive trying it on though did it? Teresa O’Neill; Boris Johnson’s most admired local politician. Good God. What planet is he living on?

Upper item: Extract from Daily Mail. Lower item: Extract from police warning to me. Click image to see the warning letter in full.


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