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News and Comment April 2012

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17 April (Part 1) - Bexley council is corrupt

Bexley council's obscene blogYesterday’s visitor numbers were down from Sunday’s stratospheric heights but they remained at 10% above Saturday’s which had been an all time record, so while numbers are up I thought I would seize the opportunity to make sure you knew what Bexley council is prepared to see done to me and Olly and others. Please go and read their obscene blog set up in my name by clicking the link at the top of the page and using the password.

Bexley police sprung into immediate action at the mere suggestion that Olly had harassed the council. He was found not guilty not because what he said was found not to be harassment, he was innocent because he hadn’t said what he was accused of at all. In contrast, after Bexley police were told about Bexley council’s obscene blog on 9th June last year they wrote two months later to say nothing could be done about it. (Note the letter is unsigned because Bexley council had told the police I would be violent towards them if I could identify the officers involved.)

Chief Executive Will Tuckley and council leader Teresa O'NeillMany computer literate people will know that the City of London Police channels appropriate enquiries to Google to get information and the obscene blog was hosted on Google servers. It took the intervention of the Under Secretary for Crime and Security to lean on Bexleyheath police before they went to Google. Across the road in the Civic Centre, the council leader got to hear about the blog two days before the police and, coincidence or not, it disappeared immediately. There is no evidence that council leader Teresa O’Neill was interviewed by the police and when I asked the police if she had been I was told it was not in the public interest that they told me.

So Olly goes to court in a huge hurry on evidence that doesn’t exist and Bexley council’s crime against me - and him to a smaller extent - is kicked into the long grass; and now that the police have at long last gone down the Google route and found out who did it the trail has gone cold within the Crown Prosecution Service. If the truth is ever allowed out it could lead to a by-election or two. Teresa O’Neill’s role in this unsavoury affair would be out in the open. Boris Johnson would be embarrassed that his most admired local politician had been exposed at long last. They do not want it to happen. It looks like justice must take second place to political greed and ambition. But Olly is looking at jail for referring to an unnamed Bexley councillor as a tosspot. (Euphism). What is happening in Bexley? Does nobody want to know about corruption on this scale?

None of the above has been picked up by the local press. Why? Is there corruption within the London Borough of Bexley? You bet there is. Whoever came out with that pitchforks and flaming torches comment was probably dead right. They are corrupt from top to bottom and nothing can be done about it apparently.

Google keywordsThe table is a list of the top search items that led to Bexley is Bonkers between midnight and seven o’clock this morning. ‘chris loynes bexley’ is always there, every single day. Why is the former Head of Member Services so popular? Is there a local celebrity with that name I’ve never heard of and the keyword is just a misdirection?

One reason Chris Loynes is famous is that he is the primary link between Bexley council and the obscene blog. His post includes maintaining The Register of Members’ Interests. Most boroughs put theirs on line. Bexley doesn’t. When asked “why not?” the answer was (and this comes from very high up) “They [the councillors] will only lie even more”. So when I wanted to inspect the Register as is my right, my colleague Elwyn Bryant booked an appointment with Mr. Loynes on Tuesday 17th May 2011 and as a result we were in the Civic Centre from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. the following Friday.

Before 9 a.m. next morning malcolmknight.blogspot went on line with details of Elwyn’s and my visit - suitably changed to suit the council’s malicious purpose - deterring critics.

Who did it only top council people (almost certainly) and the police know. Was Mr. Loynes interviewed? Not in the public interest to know. As soon as the storm broke (or should have broken, the only place you can read about it is here), Mr. Loynes went sick. He is still off sick. Stress and mental breakdown apparently. Can’t say I am surprised. Did he do it? Probably not, but he is another council man who probably knows who did. Does Bexley council go out of its way to pervert the course of justice? There cannot be much doubt about that.


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