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News and Comment April 2012

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18 April (Part 1) - Paid too much!

Lesnes Abbey ConservativesI hope this isn’t stealing Danny Hackett’s thunder but he has made the most amazing discovery on his local Conservatives’ website and he has a question about it listed on the Agenda of tonight’s council meeting.

Danny is an 18 year old Labour party member. For his cheek he has had to agree to have his (probably his parents’) address published on Bexley council’s website. It is their way of trying to stifle democratic debate in the borough. Having said that, all the Labour members of the Constitutional Committee voted for it as well as the ruling Tories.

Lesnes Abbey Ward is represented by three Conservatives, John Davey who I have always regarded as a bit of a prat - like Olly Cromwell I am pushing boundaries here, the word origins are not far removed from the one that put him before the judge. John Fuller who seems to me to be a decent distance across the boundary of merely being alright. And finally Eleanor Hurt about whom I know nothing except that she was elected by the smallest majority in the borough. Six if I remember correctly.

I wonder if her conversion to the cause extends to her husband, Cabinet member David Hurt?

Congratulations to Danny Hackett. Perhaps he will be a candidate in Lesnes Abbey ward in 2014. I’ve never voted Labour in my life but there is a first time for everything.

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