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News and Comment April 2012

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22 April (Part 4) - Oh! The irony

Crap from Cleverly
His utter contempt for democracy? A bit rich coming from the council that bans filming, gets very close to banning questions at council meetings, abuses the law to try to banish criticism, issues false press statements and lies on its own party website. It was only last week that three councillors had to change the Lesnes ward website because it gave their own honest opinion and not O’Neill’s. That’s her idea of democracy!

The foregoing hypocrisy comes from council leader and criminal shelterer-in-chief in an articled posed on James Cleverly’s blog. James has said this website is well out of order. Probably better to abolish Bexley than abolish democracy which is where O’Neill’s brand of Conservatism seems to be leading the borough.


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