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News and Comment April 2012

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23 April (Part 1) - Taking the pee

Toilet signWho says Bexley council has shut all its public toilets? In fact there are nine hidden away in public buildings, five of those silver coloured automated pillar box things and another that opens only on ‘special event’ days. About its Automated Public Toilets, Bexley council has this to say. “APC's are open 24 hrs a day and cost 10 pence per use. All APC’s have disabled facilities (sic) and are cleaned thoroughly after every use.”

Not that thoroughly it would seem. A company called ISS Public Services Ltd has a contract to clean those five toilets which is worth £129,000 a year.

The automated toilets cost ten pence per use; I’ll save you the arithmetic. Each toilet must be used 707 times per day to break even on cleaning and minor maintenance costs alone. List of public toilets in Bexley..


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