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News and Comment April 2012

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23 April (Part 2) - Standards? What standards?

Meeting announced Choose an AgendaThere is to be a meeting of Bexley’s Standards Assessment Sub-Committee this evening, it says so on the council’s website. And it must be true because someone who complained about Alan Downing’s (next Mayor so it is said) treatment of a man with a hearing problem has had a letter to confirm the complaint will be heard tonight. "An Assessment Sub-Committee of Bexley’s Standards Committee will consider the allegation on 23 April 2012 to determine what action should be taken in relation to your complaint. Please note that you will not have the opportunity to attend the meeting as it is not a public meeting.” The complainant opined that it will probably be a charade and not even discussed. Surely not.

Did you notice the bit about the Agenda being available a week before the meeting? Well it’s not. In fact the last Agenda provided is nearly a year old. The menu doesn’t even include 2012. (See image). Hmmm. Maybe the complainant has a point after all.

See if you can find tonight’s Agenda.


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