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News and Comment April 2012

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25 April (Part 1) - The Taxpayers’ Alliance Rich List - Guess who is near the top

TPA Rich List
Elwyn Bryant’s petition with 2,219 Bexley signatures was condemned by Bexley council because it mentioned Will Tuckley’s salary in the preamble. He said the full salary package was £208,983 made up of figures he obtained from the council’s website. Bexley misrepresented his case to the media by trying to pass off Tuckley’s basic salary as the total salary package. Presumably they will have to plumb the depths of their lie store to find one capable of covering the Taxpayers’ Alliance figure of £258,782. What does Tuckley do to deserve a quarter of a million a year? Not a lot according to some Bexley councillors.

Who was it that claimed Tuckley was very good value for money? None other than Boris Johnson’s favourite, council leader Teresa O’Neill.

Click image for full report (PDF).


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