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News and Comment April 2012

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26 April (Part 1) - Council twit?

Twitter profileThis appeared on Twitter last weekend; the third time I or the blog have been impersonated on the net, but I wasn’t convinced it had been done with malice in mind.

However those who know Twitter far better than I do say this new user is systematically going through other people’s more scurrilous Tweets, 'favouriting’ them, which I take to mean giving endorsements in what is in effect my name. What was a recipe for confusion looks as though it could turn nastier.

Whilst I see no direct evidence, others are speculating that it is the work of a Bexley councillor - they have form for it.

Twitter’s Terms & Conditions allow a lot of freedoms but impersonation isn’t one of them; I therefore went through their ‘report impersonation’ routine providing proof that the domain name shown belongs to me. Twitter emailed acceptance of the complaint and asked me to FAX a scan of my passport to a number in the USA. This I did via an on-line FAX sending facility.

How long that will take to process I do not know, but at least the complaint went in within a few days and not the six or seven months the police waited before contacting Google over the obscene malcolmknight.blogspot which someone at Bexley council must have known all about.


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