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News and Comment April 2012

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27 April (Part 2) - It’s Penhill Road all over again

Traffic queueTraffic queueLong term users of Penhill Road will know that it used to offer two traffic lanes to the large roundabout at the end of the Danson Underpass, then came along Aurang Zeb, one of Bexley’s traffic planners, to reduce it to a single lane and we have had a perma-queue ever since. He said it was to make the road easier to cross. Leaving aside the fact that very few people cross it outside school opening/closing times, if he had been serious about pedestrian safety he would have specified a proper crossing. As usual we got the worst of both worlds.

Bexley’s road narrowing fetish continues apace. The junction of Faraday Avenue, Sidcup with Foots Cray Lane has never been easy at busy times but traffic heading in a southerly direction did at least have the benefit of a second lane to bypass those wishing to turn right. So what has Bexley council done to improve matters?

Additional obstacles are being installed and the pavement has been extended into the ‘bypass’ lane. See how the straight ahead arrow is almost obscured and the second lane is no more. So far there is no sign of the mini-roundabout that I heard rumoured and Bexley’s website has been of little help.

Photo features. (Photographs taken at 10:30 this morning.)


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