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News and Comment August 2012

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1 August - Supermarket wars

Sainsbury's comes to Abbey Wood Google maps. Felixstowe Road
As noted yesterday things are a bit quiet at the moment so maybe I can drift just a little from the usual theme and bring you some shopping news.

While Bexley council is begging Waitrose to inject a little life into Sidcup (the petition has been submitted); down in Abbey Wood Sainsbury’s has agreed to open a store (subject to planning permission) alongside the railway station.

The station entrance is in Wilton Road which as a shopping centre makes Sidcup High Street look distinctly up market. Nevertheless Sainsbury’s have said they will open a 46,000 square feet store on the old industrial estate nearby. It will be in Felixstowe Road on the Greenwich side of the border with Bexley and a stone’s throw from the new Crossrail station.

Presumably Sainsbury’s will have some impact on the ASDA proposed for Belvedere but what intrigues me is the road route to the new store. The borough boundary takes a straight line through Wilton Road until it reaches the centre of the A2041. At present traffic from both Thamesmead and Abbey Wood to the North reaches Felixstowe Road via Sedgemore Road and traffic from Belvedere and the southern half of Abbey Wood comes across the Harrow Manorway viaduct and then follows the same route. Sedgemore Road is within Bexley and is narrow and residential. Whatever the final route it will affect Bexley. If Greenwich council can have a say in County Gate shouldn’t Bexley be sticking its oar in over the likely impact on its residents by a decision to be made in Greenwich?

Now that the lame duck Peter Craske has gone perhaps some civilized negotiations can take place.

Note: Dev Secs is Development Securities. Click the image for their announcement. Alternative link.

The map is rotated anti-clockwise, North is to the left. The A2041 is elevated and runs over the railway line and the adjacent parallel roads.


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