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News and Comment August 2012

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5 August (Part 1) - Absent Without Legitimate Excuse

While Olly Cromwell was watching his two grand’s worth of barrister’s fees trickle down the drain on Friday, councillor Sandra Bauer was excusing her behaviour by saying she was moving house. Unforgiveable that she chose that day after having nearly two months’ notice of her appointment in Court but I have learned to have a suspicious mind where Bexley councillors are concerned. Could she be running, to coin a phrase, shit-scared of having to grab the Holy Book and swear that the fantasy about dog faeces and letterboxes was true when everyone who saw the Tweet knows it said no such thing. How convenient that the CPS has lost the file and she may be saved from lying in Court. In reality the truth may be even worse.

A message arrived to say she didn’t move on Friday at all but on the day before complete with a Facebook screen grab which supported the suggestion. Perhaps she was in turmoil at the new house and had half an excuse for dumping on Olly’s £2k. Nope, the message said she had all her effects put into store and moved in with her mother on Thursday. And told everyone on Facebook! Was making it a two day event really necessary? It seemed only right to send a date stamped copy to Olly’s legal team.


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