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News and Comment August 2012

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7 August (Part 3) - Will Tuckley. Much ado about doing nothing

Will TuckleyThe Freedom of Information request seeking a copy of the business appointments diary for Will Tuckley was made on 31st May. You might think that Tuckley would jump at the chance of demonstrating how hard he has to work for his quarter of a million a year, but no, he hasn’t.

Reminders went in on 5th and 19th of July and on both occasions the officer whose job it is to make up excuses for Tuckley’s failures apologised for his lawlessness. Sooner or later even the most patient of us concludes that enough is enough. Yesterday a formal complaint went to the Information Commissioner.

Anyone would think the diary for July 2011 was requested. That was the month, you may remember, when Tuckley was visited by police investigating Bexley council’s obscene blog. A meeting Tuckley denied ever took place. The papers that fell into Olly Cromwell’s hands after councillors Seymour and Bauer lied about his comments on Twitter proved Tuckley was up to the same tricks.


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