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News and Comment August 2012

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9 August (Part 2) - 24 hours to save Sandra

Bexley councillor Sandra BauerBy my reckoning, Sandra Bauer, Bexley councillor, deputy leader of the Labour opposition and governor of the Bexley Business Academy has 24 hours to salvage any vestige of a reputation she might have after making a statement alleging Olly Cromwell was encouraging people to put dog faeces through councillor Melvin Seymour’s letter box. It is an established fact that he did no such thing. Furthermore that action would require an address and at no time did Olly supply one or even mention the councillor’s name.

At Olly’s trial Sandra Bauer wasn’t called as a witness and at the appeal she failed to turn up. A skilled barrister in possession of all the facts should easily demolish a dishonest witness. Now we are close to the time that the prosecution case will likely fall apart for lack of evidence - the CPS lost the file and has just 24 hours to find it.

At 5 p.m. tomorrow Olly’s conviction may be on course to be overturned and Sandra Bauer will for ever more be labelled a person who was prepared to let a false statement stand and see a man convicted on words made up by her or councillor Seymour. Too cowardly, too dishonest to correct an untruthful statement. Why don’t the two of them come clean and salvage just a little bit of honour before it is too late?

Note dated 17th August 2012. At an appeal hearing where both Seymour and Bauer were called as witnesses and cross examined it became clear that it was Seymour who had dishonestly exaggerated the content of the Tweet in order to attempt a miscarriage of justice and Bauer had merely sent him a copy and took no part in its embellishment.


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