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News and Comment August 2012

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15 August (Part 2) - Valuable land going cheap. Very cheap

Farnborough Grammar School BBC web pageI found myself won over to some extent by the Olympics, not that I saw much of it, it is simply not my cup of tea and I rather suspect that its ‘legacy’ will take a back seat to economic reality.

The selling off of school playing fields has been a contentious issue for years if not decades. My old school (pictured in May 1958) had a huge amount of space, all gone now, and it is much the same everywhere. The BBC featured the issue just a few months ago and Bexley came in for special mention.

The report said it had sold off 128,673 square metres over the past three years for a mere £19,000. That’s about 32 acres in ‘old money’. £600 an acre sold to Redrow Homes, surely there must be something wrong there?

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