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News and Comment August 2012

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24 August (Part 3) - The arrogant and dismissive Alan Downing

Val Clark Sybil Camsey Alan DowningTime to bring this sorry saga to a close but not without highlighting another example of councillor Val Clark’s ludicrous lack of logic and eagerness to be seen as one of Bexley’s most dishonest and deceitful politicians.

A couple of years ago Bexley councillor Geraldene Lucia-Hennis had a row with a member of the public and was censured by the Standards Board. She was ordered to undertake anger management training.

She argued that she was ‘off duty’ at the time but the council said that being a councillor was a 24 hours a day job. There is a report about it on the Bexley Times website although it is currently rendered unreadable by a misplaced advertisement.

Later: There is a similar report at the News Shopper but it lacks the councillor’s own comment below.

Bexley TimesGeraldene is not the only councillor who doesn’t agree with 24/7 responsibility. Val Clark has tried to pull the same idiotic stunt to excuse the extraordinarily stupid Alan Downing.

The pen jabbing, which is now said to be “gesticulation”, the arrogance of the “I will look forward to it”, the raised voice and the dismissiveness of the instruction to go away are all to be disregarded because they took place after the meeting ended. Lucia-Hennis is a councillor 24 hours a day but in a dishonest attempt to get mayor Downing off the hook Clark decrees he bears no responsibility for anything after a meeting has ended.
Extract from council excuse sheet
How is that for crookedness?

And don’t forget that the earlier decision by councillors Alex Sawyer and Cheryl Bacon was overturned.
Earlier decision overturned
Then in a final act of arrogance and to emphasise that Bexley council believes it is untouchable it says this…
Bexley's final act of arrogance and dismissiveness
Bexley council believes it can do what it likes when it likes without reproach. Linda Bailey thought so when she biffed Olly Cromwell and it probably explains a correspondent’s report that councillor Sharon Massey felt able to exclaim “VIPs coming through” while barging him out of the way at the lighting of the Jubilee Beacon but I suspect this latest example of Bexley council’s supreme arrogance and dismissiveness is going to be challenged.


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