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News and Comment August 2012

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25 August (Part 2) - Safest borough in London. For criminals?

Dail Mail headlineFrom yesterday’s Daily Mail. Click Image for full report. I had hoped this sort of thing might have departed with CS Dave Stringer, but it would appear not.

“I just couldn’t believe they’d took the word of someone who’d shot my son over and above me and the fact my son might have had a head trauma and I couldn’t take him to be looked at by a doctor.”

It sounds familiar. When I complained to Bexleyheath police about the harassment warning issued to me they refused to uphold my complaint saying “The allegation of crime is the only reference point” implying that my input was worthless. It was subsequently found that the allegation was by Will Tuckley and Teresa O’Neill and the IPCC eventually confirmed that no offence had been committed. Taking the word of a criminal over an innocent father doesn’t surprise me at all.


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