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News and Comment August 2012

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29 August - Teresa O’Neill. Putting children at risk - because she can

News Shopper report• 21st June - An unidentified 42 year old from Sidcup is arrested on a charge of Misconduct in Public Office. (Source: News Shopper.)

• 24th June - Cabinet member Peter Craske resigns his cabinet post for personal reasons.
• 29th June - Cabinet member Katie Perrior takes on half of Craske’s responsibilities to add to her portfolio of ‘Children’s Services’. Ms. Perrior is the director of her own public relations company and “juggles family life with 20 plus hours a week of council work” as she admitted in a letter to a local newspaper.
• 18th July - A member of the public, Danny Hackett, asks council leader Teresa O’Neill at the quarterly council meeting why she chose to add Craske’s public safety responsibilities to Perrior’s already full workload. O’Neill famously replies “Because I can” officially recorded as follows.
Because I can
• 24th August - Chief Executive Will Tuckley places an apology on Bexley council’s website following a less than glowing OFSTED report on Bexley’s failing children’s services.
• 29th August - News Shopper carries the report. Click upper image for their on-line account.

Further responsibilities for a cabinet member already moved to complain about her lot to the Bexleyheath Chronicle might be seen to be ill-judged. Looks like Danny, an 18 year old Labour party activist, has a greater understanding of good management and child welfare than the leader of Bexley council. No surprise there then.


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