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News and Comment August 2012

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30 August - The silly season

Holiday homeWhile Bexley council is on its protracted summer break one must dig ever deeper for news. The situation isn’t helped by Bexley council’s presumably deliberate tactic of not answering any questions or offering any reaction to complaints about that policy. Will Tuckley appears to have been struck totally dumb. Presumably the Information Commissioner will have something to say about it sooner or later.

The Taxpayer’s Alliance (TPA) has reported that Bexley council pays its councillors close to the average for London Boroughs but it’s still a nice little bonus for doing not a lot especially for those augmenting a pension or financing their second homes in the country etc.

The TPA is not the only outfit conducting surveys to fill in the summer break. One reported in Home & Property magazine rates Bexley’s planning department, and by implication its planning committee, highly - or at least ‘approval friendly’ which may not be the same thing. Nearly 90% of Bexley’s planning applications are nodded through. I can imagine that those most affected by the burgeoning Tesco Town phenomenon (how many do we have now, nine?) and within earshot of their air-conditioning systems may not be so charitable as Homes & Property.

The Duchess public house is the latest site to be approved for conversion to a Tesco Express.


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