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News and Comment December 2012

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2 December - Memories lost

Travelodge SidcupI have been occupied elsewhere for most of the weekend and come back unable to remember either of the two subjects that I had planned to cover next. This is not a good start to the month; maybe the Sidcup Community Group will not mind if I ‘steal’ some of their news about what used to be a historic coaching inn while I do battle with the grey cells.

After initially agreeing to retain the facade of the Black Horse Inn the developers installed a concrete crushing machine next to it and from what one could judge from a roadside view, hung scaffolding from the ancient wall. Not surprisingly it became unsafe in their eyes and they demolished it. When Bexley council’s planning committee got to hear about it they insisted on a substitute structure pictured here. Not up to much is it?

The planning department agreed it was a poor effort and issued an Enforcement Notice but it looks like the developer was never really serious about their promises and have appealed against the order.

The full story, a picture of the inn in its heyday and how you can strike back against the developer if you feel so inclined are all on the Sidcup Community Group’s website.


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