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News and Comment December 2012

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6 December (Part 1) - Their motto is: “Say nothing”

Bexley councillors don’t like you to know too much about them. Councils are encouraged to put their Register of Members’ Interests on line, needless to say Bexley has refused to do that, If it did so there would be no need for anyone to make an appointment to view it under supervision with copying forbidden. If Elwyn Bryant and I had not made that appointment in May 2011 councillor Peter Craske’s phone line might never have been used for the uploading of obscenities to the web. But maybe things are about to change.

A Google search for ‘register of interests peter craske bexley’ found this…
Register of Interests
It continues in similar vein. With the connivance of the new Localism Act Peter Craske has declared absolutely nothing. At last it is safe for Bexley councillors to put their Register on the web. At least three others are up on line already but so far I have not been able to find a publicly accessible link on the council’s website.

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