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News and Comment December 2012

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7 December (Part 1) - Searching the web

When news is in short supply I sometimes think I could start a feature that answers the questions people ask Google etc. that are directed to this website but no answer is available. After the never ending ‘Craske arrested’ and ‘Melvyn Seymour perjury’ the variety is almost infinite. My failure to find a link for Register of Members’ Interests yesterday showed that readers often know the answers. There have been 912 questions so far this month - including some duplicates - and among them are…

“What is the speed limit in North Cray Road?” Answer: 60 m.p.h. when it opened, 40 m.p.h. now.
“Bexleyheath shopping centre awful”. Answer: Yes if you need to park there.
“Bexley councillor Jackie Evans age”. Answer: Who cares?
“Accident last week on Long Lane zebra crossing.” Answer: Yes. A Frizoni Folly claimed another victim.
“Parking restrictions Christmas 2012 Bexley.” Answer: They will tell us around the 22nd December if last year is anything to go by.
“Does speed camera in Gravel Hill work both ways?” Answer: No. At least I hope not.
“Visiting a factory where cloth is manufactured”. Answer. Google isn’t perfect after all.

Perhaps readers will have some better answers.


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