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News and Comment December 2012

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8 December (Part 1) - This man is an utter disgrace to his office

Mayor Alan DowningOK, tell me something new I hear you say.

Eight Conservative councillors insist that their private addresses are kept secret as they consider themselves to be at risk of violence and intimidation and that apparently is OK. However no member of the public in Bexley has the right to take part in the full democratic process unless his address is published for the world to see.

Immediately after the last council meeting (7th November 2012) a question was submitted for the next one on 6th March 2013 - they don’t like to do too much in return for their generous allowances, poor dears.

The question was…

Why do members of the public have to have their private addresses published in the agenda for full council meetings when asking a question, rather than checked and verified as being correct, whereas councillors, many of whom do not show their private addresses in the register of members interests, do not have their addresses published?

And the answer?

Your question will not appear on the agenda for the next Council meeting. This is because the Mayor does not consider it to be a policy matter and is not therefore permissible under the Council's agreed protocol.

Who can doubt that we have a deaf abusing moron for a mayor when he won’t accept that Bexley council’s policy on public questions is not a policy matter? One day the residents of Bexley may wake up to the fact they have a criminally inclined undemocratic council whose members delight in abusing their positions.

Note: The letter is signed by Mr. Kevin Fox, the man who contorted council standing orders to silence 2,219 residents who signed a petition calling on Bexley council to reconsider their senior salary levels which are among the very highest in the country. The CEO is 6th on the Tax Payers’ Alliance Rich List. Kevin Fox is also the man who said that council protocols permit photography in the council chamber but who refuses to permit it under any circumstances. Kevin Fox is clearly totally unfit to hold any executive position.


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