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News and Comment December 2012

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9 December - An early Christmas present from Bexley council

Restriction sign Penalty Charge Notice Penalty Charge NoticeI took a look at Broadway yesterday to see how the refurbishment is getting along. Not very fast was my verdict. The road surface is unchanged except that the yellow lines have been prematurely removed. There can be only one reason for doing that in advance of laying the new blocked surface; parking revenue.

Motorists are now confronted by something new. No lines, no signs on nearby posts, just a sign on a ten foot post on entry to the Restricted Parking Zone. Drivers have to read it as they negotiate a roundabout at one end or a pedestrian crossing at the other. Two motorists paid the price as I watched and more than likely won’t be spending their money in Broadway again with a bigger and better shopping centre only six miles away. It’s Mike Frizoni’s way of saying Happy Christmas.

Bodged railings Bodged railingsI’m no expert on block paving but that around Christ Church looked good enough to me. However while opening the new gate I was struck by how crudely made it is compared to the original ironwork. Perhaps it is just a temporary measure as it appears to have been butchered and bodged together from oddments of scrap railings. The baseline is all over the place too.

Maybe it is just me looking for trouble and no one else will notice but if the Reverend William Henry Pincott finds out he might bring down the wrath of God.


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