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News and Comment December 2012

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12 December (Part 2) - Christmas is coming

I’ve only seen Bexleyheath’s Christmas decorations during daylight hours but to me at least they looked as if they may be quite good, certainly better than anything I am likely to see in my neglected North West corner of the borough where one trader is selling Christmas trees from a patch of derelict land and has stuck some lights on one of them.

A reader tells me that Welling is not much more festive, being blessed by just one tree. This is not Bexley council’s fault. In 2011 under the old Scrooge councillor Craske only Bexleyheath shopping centre was given any money but the new Cabinet Member for Public Realm, Gareth Bacon and wife Cheryl chairing thee Scrutiny Committee - now ain’t that just cosy? - have been relatively generous.

From the Public Realm Scrutiny Committee Agenda of 9th October 2012…
Public Realm Agenda
Bexleyheath traders have also raised their own funds. If Welling has decided to blow all their £2,000 on a single tree Bexley council may not be to blame.


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