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News and Comment December 2012

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13 December (Part 2) - And answer came there none

The Metropolitan Police are in the news today for failing a young rape victim and at the other end of the scale I received two emails this morning expressing concern for the apparent uselessness of Bexley police. The treatment meted out to innocent parties is “astounding” and they don’t respond to enquiries were the themes.

Many people seem to be too scared to stand up to the police with the result that their standards spiral steadily downwards but there are exceptions. The Bexley resident who exposed their dishonesty in court and three weeks ago I received an unsolicited copy of an email which initially caused me much amusement but it conveys a serious message.

It was written by Mick Barnbrook who took time off from reporting crooked MPs to the police and Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards (†) to give Chief Superintendent Victor Olisa the benefit of his thoughts. The Borough Commander neither acknowledged it nor did he reply.

CS OlisaDear Chief Superintendent Olisa,

Thank you for responding to my email and your invitation to ask questions relating to “Hate Crime” and “Use of police resources”.

As you are aware, I am a former Metropolitan Police Inspector, having spent part of my career at Bexleyheath Police Station.

I am therefore somewhat dismayed at the apparent disregard by yourself and officers at your station towards two senior citizens who have been the subject of a homophobic hate crime.

This crime was reported to Bexleyheath Police Station eighteen months ago and having followed the "Bexley-is-Bonkers" website, if what is being reported on there is true, you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Mick BarnbrookThe unprofessional attitude apparently being adopted by yourself and your staff would never have been tolerated when I was a serving officer and you would all have been looking for other employment.

Having decided to take no further action initially and now taking so long to deal with a crime that could have been dealt with many months ago, any third party might reach the conclusion that there is some sort of conspiracy between Bexleyheath Police and Bexley Council to drag the matter out for so long that a decision will be reached not to charge anybody, as it is not in the public interest.

Any assurance from you that this is not the case would be welcomed by me.


† Mr. Barnbrook got in early with his complaint that the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport allowed her parents to live in a Wimbledon property for which she claimed £90,718 in second home allowances. Mick was tipped off by one of his many newspaper contacts.


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