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News and Comment December 2012

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15 December (Part 2) - Get Out of Jail Free

At the beginning of the week I was forecasting that two threads of the police investigation into the crime perpetrated via councillor Peter Craske’s phone line would reach a conclusion. The prediction was based on police promises and at the 11th hour it has come half true. This morning the postman delivered a letter from the Met. Police Directorate of Professional Services (DPS) in response to my complaint of 7th June 2012.

Late on Wednesday evening the new investigating officer who has shown herself to be infinitely more aware of the requirement to keep victims informed than her predecessors emailed to apologise for another week of unavoidable slippage to her current enquiries.

Today’s letter from the DPS comes up with an ingenious excuse for last year’s investigation coming to a premature end. It may even be true. When the Met’s Intelligence Bureau (MIB) - the name suggests they keep all they have in one place - was asked to attempt a trace on the obscene blogger they were told it was posted on 21st February 2011 instead of 21st May.

Inevitably the MIB found nothing and the investigation crumbled as a result. If Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer had told us that when we met on 10th February 2012 instead of wittering on about new evidence coming to light we may well have thought far more of him. As it is his reluctance to be truthful allowed various other theories to evolve. There was no new evidence.

Maybe because of pressure from MPs; on 23rd September 2011 a new DCI was asked to review the case and spotted the mistake. Effectively the case was restarted then and with such alacrity that the culprit was allowed a whole 13 months to ditch his computer and lose as much evidence as possible.

Every policeman involved has been deemed to have acted in a wholly professional manner. The fact that the two who interviewed the council Chief Executive regarded Elwyn Bryant‘s complaint as a counter allegation” when he had nothing to counter, rather than a legitimate crime report in its own right is ignored.
Tit for tat
However the DPS’s report does helpfully repeat the fact that Bexleyheath police issued me with a Harassment Form 9993 (after reporting what an Erith blogger said about Teresa O’Neill) at the request of Bexley council in error and it is “withdrawn” which reminds me that Bexleyheath police has never written to tell me. Perhaps they haven’t come to terms with being duped by council leader Teresa O’Neill & Co. and it was helpful to use it as a plank on which to build their false claim against John Kerlen. He hadn’t even referred to the Erith blogger, let alone pen what he was initially charged with writing.


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