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News and Comment December 2012

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16 December - Out of sight, out of mind

Tavy Bridge

There’s no reason for anyone living south of Upper Belvedere to ever descend Knee Hill and travel towards Thamesmead. There is no route across the river thanks to Teresa O’Neill and the few shops (Morrisons, Iceland, Argos and Wilkinsons) can be found elsewhere.

It is a dead end in both senses of the words. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when a friend from the Bexley Council Monitoring Group said he had no idea there were lakes within Thamesmead.

I suspect that all the Conservative councillors are just as ignorant. Most live in the plush parts of town. None at all have addresses anywhere near Thamesmead or within the lower part of the borough that sits close to sea level. It probably explains why the North is so neglected and possibly why councillor Mike Slaughter was happy to condemn people to live in run down Tavy Bridge for longer than is necessary.

For the benefit of councillors who cannot bring themselves to stray off their well beaten track I offer today’s Photo feature. 14 photographs taken with the aid of a rather unforgiving low sun, early yesterday morning. Note for the gobsmacked councillor Val Clark. This is what “ugly and sixties” is; not the new scheme.

Click any sliding image for the large version of that particular photograph.


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