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News and Comment February 2012

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1 February (Part 1) - Bellegrove Road, the inevitable result

Bellegrove Road Bellegrove RoadThe narrowest part of Abbey Road, Belvedere is a place where bus drivers choose not to pass by in opposite directions. Something similar is happening in Bellegrove Road already. Abbey Road also suffers from vehicles taking the wrong route around pedestrian refuges. Having experienced ‘wrong way traffic’ while standing on such an island I can confirm it can be very frightening and dangerous, though perhaps no more frightening than having two vehicles go by within inches of ones nose and rear end at the same time.

I was with my friend who chairs European Union meetings on road and vehicle safety just over a week ago. He told me that creating unnecessary hazards in the hope of reducing speeds and accidents is a claim much favoured by local authorities but it is not supported by the evidence.

This week’s Photo Diary.


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