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News and Comment February 2012

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2 February - The Harassment Letter. A catalogue of police failure

It has been said several times before that the Harassment Letter that Will Tuckley, Bexley council’s CEO, told Bexleyheath police to issue to me for “criticising councillors at a personal level” went out with no check or investigation by the police, they just did the council’s bidding. That much was very obvious because Olly Cromwell was accused of posting blogs here which he has never done. I requested that the police should tell me what specifically had provoked the threat of arrest and guidance as to how any problem could be avoided in future. I was initially told that I could have neither and later I was totally ignored; my last and again unanswered letter of complaint being dated 11th December 2011.

A formal complaint to the Metropolitan Police’s Directorate of Professional Service provided no information whatever beyond the fact that Mr. Tuckley’s complaint took precedence over anything I might say following which I reported several of Bexleyheath’s finest to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. That complaint now shows signs of moving.

I am in receipt of a letter which gives some details of what the police should do when considering a Harassment Letter. SOP is ‘Standard Operating Procedure’.
Standard Operating Practice
It would appear that Bexleyheath police have failed on every single count. They did not speak to me. No evidence was ever put to me, indeed there are several Freedom of Information requests outstanding seeking that information but none is forthcoming. I was refused details of the conduct which had given rise to the offence. Bexleyheath police have as you would expect, got every single aspect of the letter and its issue wrong. It’s what comes from slavishly following their paymasters come what may.


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