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News and Comment February 2012

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8 February (Part 2) - Technical stuff

Most readers won’t be interested in this but the maintenance of this website is beginning to take more time than finding and publishing new material. The main menu in particular was put in place in 2009 and relates mainly to pages produced back then and is of little relevance today. It is no longer practical to put every useful page on the menu and the Site map which was intended to help find obscure pages has become too large and too unwieldy.

Whilst the site was down last weekend I started to design something more useful and flexible. All I have discovered so far is that the problem is bigger than I thought. There is now an experimental new menu on the Home page but it doesn't solve the problem. Some bits of it don't even work yet, although any page other than Home and the blogs still carry the old menu. Efforts will be diverted to a new and technically far more advanced Site map. This may take quite a long time…

PS. The experimental new menu was withdrawn on 9th February. It will be replaced by another soon.


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