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News and Comment February 2012

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9 February (Part 2) - The pitchforks and flaming torches must have done their job

For Erith’s Riverside Gardens that is. Here is an extract from Bexley council’s recently published Western Gateway document.

Erith Gardens statementIt would appear that the borough’s last remaining accessible view of the Thames is to be retained, for the time being at least. My understanding is that this is not a case of Bexley council listening to residents, more one of them being unable to find a property developer who thought there was any money to be made on the deal. Click image for the original document.

Note on blog title: “Personally I think we need to metaphorically descend on Councillor Teresa O’Neill with flaming torches and pitchforks, as it would seem that she and her scheming cohorts are impervious to reasoned argument” were the words used on another local blog to criticism Bexley council’s plan to build over Riverside Gardens and repeated here. Twice. The first resulted in me getting a Harassment letter from the police and Olly Cromwell being prosecuted. Both those cases, as they say, continue, but at least Riverside Gardens survives.

PS. Why is a document about an area to the East of London and the North of the borough titled ‘Western Gateway’?


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