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News and Comment February 2012

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14 February (Part 1) - What cut justifies a car like this?

Car number plateToday Olly Cromwell is not appearing in court; the authorities would have you believe they double booked it. I witnessed the court being booked on December 21st, can they really be that incompetent? If the court was double booked would you not expect Olly’s solicitor to get a letter along the lines of “Sorry we double booked the court, the new date is…”? But they didn’t, they cannot give him a new date. There must be more to this than meets the eye.

Every day in court costs Olly £600. And what did he do to upset Bexley’s disreputable council? He used Twitter to show his friends and followers a picture of a very ordinary unidentified house with the comment “What c**t lives in a house like that, let’s post him actual sh*t”. To most people it could have been any one of a large number of such houses but one nosey parker councillor recognised it as belonging to Bexley council’s favoured painter and decorator, councillor Melvin Seymour and the wimp trotted off to the cop shop to tell them he was worried half to death that his address had been put on the net. It hadn’t been and even if true it wouldn’t be a first, Bexley council had already put it there, complete with map and directions. But don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.

A picture of an unidentified house and a couple of rude words became a priority concern in Bexley warranting the expenditure of large amounts of tax payers’ money. Thank goodness we are paying the highest salaries to get the very best people to run Bexley council. Just think what a mess we would be in if Eric Pickles and Elwyn Bryant had their way.

Arguably I have now committed a greater sin than Olly. There are many houses like the one Olly pictured. There is only one car bearing registration number N7 KOH. I shall have to hope that the owner’s friends don’t recognise it and lie to the police about the blog title. They could insert a consonant, swap another and a vowel too. It’s most unlikely Bexleyheath police would check on their truthfulness, not if they were councillors anyway.

The significance of the number plate (bought for a snip?) and the blog title will be lost on most people, not unlike Olly’s Tweet. The owner of the car is as far as I know guilty of nothing whatsoever - apart perhaps of infringing The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks) Regulations 2001.


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