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News and Comment February 2012

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15 February - Subject Access Request

Will Tuckley Teresa O'NeillIt seemed such a good idea when a reader suggested a Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act as a simple means of getting information from Bexley council following the unjustified (†) issue of a Harassment Form 9993 in April last year. Just pay your ten pounds and in return get copies of all the council documentation bearing my name. But that was to reckon without the dishonesty of Bexley council. They simply ignored the request. Then they refused the Information Commissioner’s (IC) request.

Following more pressure by the IC and another refusal by Bexley council I think it is time to give up. To get anything out of Bexley council the IC suggests court action. As Bexley council would have anticipated, I’m not sure it is worth it. I’ve got most of what I wanted anyway. It may not be absolute proof in the legal sense but Bexley council’s refusal to offer any documentation on either the harassment issue or their obscene blogging is a pretty clear indication that to do so would incriminate themselves.

I’ve always thought that council leader Teresa O’Neill and overpaid Chief Executive Will Tuckley must know quite a lot about both issues but were never going to come clean. Why else would Tuckley state in his FOI response there had been no police investigation into the blogging when Olly Cromwell’s trial papers showed that the police went to see him about it on 7th July? They concluded that there was no prospect of finding the culprit. Why did Tuckley have to be so devious about that? Somewhere in Bexley council there is a criminal and Bexley council know it and the inaction has ensured that Bexley council remains a safe haven for criminals. Knowing that the names Teresa O’Neill and Will Tuckley will forever be associated with hiding criminal activities is worth a tenner of anyone’s money. Even more of a bargain that they never cashed my cheque.

† Correspondence with the Independent Police Complaints Commission and the Met. Police Directorate of Professional Standards has confirmed that Bexleyheath police and DI. Keith Marshall in particular failed to comply with any part of standard police procedures when issuing Form 9993. No check as to whether the complaint was justified. No attempt to discuss the matter with me before the issue of the Form. A refusal to provide details of the precise offence so that behaviour might be modified. 100% wrong on every count but the threat of arrest for “criticising” Bexley council remains.


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