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News and Comment February 2012

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16 February (Part 1) - Don’t Wyncham, punch ’em

> Wyncham HouseAbout three weeks ago news came in of a punch-up at Wyncham House, home to Bexley council’s planning department. It was alleged that one of the planning officers got into a heated debate with a female visitor and decided that the best way of getting his point of view across was a swift right hook - or something like that - and she suffered minor injuries requiring treatment. It’s not the sort of story that I would cover without a statement by a witness and it was left unreported. However John Watson of the Bexley Council Monitoring Group, who I meet now and again, thought some enquiries would be in order and wrote to Chief Executive Will Tuckley.

I don’t know exactly what John said but presumably Tuckley was asked if he could confirm or deny the reports. Two weeks later and in contravention of Bexley’s code of practice on correspondence response times, John has heard nothing at all. Tuckley is well versed in the art of cover-up and in my view John Watson must be the supreme optimist if he expected a prompt and truthful reply. Nevertheless the silence goes a little way towards confirming the initial reports may have been correct. A brief denial would not take a lot of effort, on the other hand, given Tuckley’s denial of any police investigation into the obscene blog, would it be worth the paper it was written on?


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