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News and Comment February 2012

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16 February (Part 2) - Which councillors aren’t listening to you?

Probably most of them; but Elwyn Bryant has been seeking more publicity for Bexley council’s rejection of his petition and reminded me I had failed to name all the undemocratic councillors who endorsed Kevin Fox’s decision that calling for government policy to apply to Bexley as well as the remainder of the country fell foul of Standing Order 84. So to keep Elwyn happy here is the list…

Don Massey (Cray Meadows) chairman, Philip Read (Northumberland Heath) proposer, Mike Slaughter (Longlands) seconder, Brian Bishop (Colyers), Jackie Evans (Sidcup), Steven Hall (East Wickham), Howard Marriner (Barnehurst), James Spencer (Christchurch), Colin Tandy (St. Mary’s) and John Waters (Danson Park). Try to remember those names when the next elections are due.

The only councillor who thought Fox’s interpretation of the Standing Order was wrong was Seán Newman (Belvedere). Another name that may be worth remembering come the next election.


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