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News and Comment February 2012

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18 February - New site menu

After much experimentation a new and more flexible site menu has been introduced to the main site pages. It’s a bit of a compromise, but it’s the best I have come up with so far. As far as I know all the problems are confined to Internet Explorer 6 which is 12 years old, abandoned and unloved. If yesterday is typical 42% of visitors use Internet Explorer and of those only 0.9% are using version 6. IE6 users will no longer see the rotating Carousel and the spacing above and below the menu is too big but everything should nevertheless work on IE6. In case it doesn’t and maybe of use to those with small screens or using devices that do not support javascript, the menu has been replicated as a web page. See the ‘Menu map’ button at the bottom left of the site banner. If no snags are seen over the next few days a similarly styled menu will be applied to the blog pages. (The Menu map is now defunct.)

Bad RequestGetting the more complex pages to work on IE6 is a complete pain in the backside but the modern browsers all behave in a similar (but not identical) fashion to each other. If something works in IE9 and Google Chrome it will probably work in Firefox, Safari and Opera too - which are the browsers used for testing Bonkers. So I can’t explain why a reader found that Bexley council’s web forms produce an error when not using Internet Explorer. I reproduced it very easily using Chrome.

Bexley council’s website is huge and no doubt difficult to maintain but presumably they employ professionals to do it. It really isn’t good enough.


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