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News and Comment February 2012

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21 February - What’s Willy up to now?

SercoProbably every reader will know that Bexley’s refuse services are provided by Serco and most people think they do a good job most of the time. You’d think it would be sensible for Serco to operate their own vehicle fleet and indeed that is what the original announcement said they would do. So why is Will Tuckley “sponsoring” a cross London scheme to make bulk purchases of refuse vehicles?

The idea is reasonable enough; to get together with other boroughs when purchasing vehicles may well save money but why refuse vehicles? Serco were supposed to own and run the vehicles now, how will Bexley benefit? If Bexley has no need to join this scheme why is Will Tuckley taking a leading role in it? Who paid him to do the job? Link to the announcement.

Extension of vehicle lifeThe extract (left) from one of the London Commercial Fleet Project’s documents suggests that Serco might be having their cake and eating it too. Just who does own Bexley’s refuse vehicles? The other boroughs with contracted out services make it clear they have no need to buy their own. See Refuse Collection Vehicles Report.


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