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News and Comment February 2012

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24 February - Harassment and the obscene blog

There have been a few enquiries about these two old chestnuts. Not a lot to say really. The IPCC seem to be taking my complaint (the unjustified issue of the harassment letter, Form 9993) against DI Keith Marshall seriously. It is now pretty clear that he broke every rule in the book by asking “How high?” when Will Tuckley said “Jump” but the investigation is made difficult by the fact that DI Marshall is elusive. The same excuse as that which came from the Directorate of Professional Standards several months ago. But it is nevertheless good to know that Bexleyheath police should at the very least have warned me of the impending Harassment Letter and given an opportunity to vary my behaviour. Subsequently it became apparent that Bexley council took the ‘Flaming torches and pitchforks’ comment copied from another website as the ultimate proof that violence was threatened and DI Keith Marshall fell for it. I’ve always refrained from calling him an idiot so I won’t start now.

The obscene blog issue is close to dead and buried. I suppose we must just accept that it is the sort of behaviour to be expected of Bexley council and move on. The intervention of the Information Commissioner into a Freedom of Information request that Bexley council tried not to answer revealed just a little extra interesting information…

It confirmed that Bexley council computers were used to access the obscene blog. Despite the blog being so serious that the council felt obliged to inform the police it was not considered sufficiently serious as to merit any sort of internal investigation.

Despite the apparent lust for salacious information I suspect that you may hear no more about the blog as one cannot flog a dead horse for ever, though presumably one can hold the occasional memorial service for it so that the depths of depravity to be found at the Civic Centre is not totally forgotten.

My computer has been sick for several months, the time has come to rebuild it from scratch. It may take a day or two. See you then.


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