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News and Comment February 2012

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27 February - Teresa O’Neill. Witless trouble maker

“I, amongst many other Erith residents have well deserved cynical views of our local government representatives; to paraphrase an old aphorism “How can you tell when a Bexley Councillor is lying? Their lips are moving”. Quite. The price of democracy is eternal vigilance - [n]ever truer than in this case. Keep watching the council.”

Police reportThat’s not me, it’s from Hugh Neal’s Maggot Sandwich, which I was reading yesterday evening as I do every Sunday. Last time I quoted Hugh it started something that has cost us tax payers an awful lot of money - and you can blame the Conservative leader of Bexley council for that, because Teresa O’Neill sent her right hand man Will Tuckley to see their mates in blue to report me for threatening our esteemed leader with violence. Not sure where one would get a pitchfork from but apparently Teresa, insignificant and timid as she is, was scared witless by a metaphor.

Witless she may be but if If she was really worried about imminent impalement by pitchfork you would have thought Hugh would have got a knock on his door. Perhaps Will and Teresa overlooked telling the police where the comment started life as that might be an inconvenient fact that didn’t fit their story. Whatever the case, the truth is that Teresa O’Neill was out looking for trouble and councillors can lie to the police with impunity. Something councillors Seymour and Bauer have reason to be thankful for too.

You will note that Teresa also pretended to be inflamed because I claimed to have persuaded someone that petrol bombs are not a good idea. It wasn’t an especially funny remark made to me and maybe it wasn’t a very good idea to repeat it, but let’s suppose for a moment it wasn’t meant in jest; what would be the sensible course of action? Someone to call me and ask who had suggested it would take a petrol bomb to get Bexley council to change its dishonest ways perhaps? I do know who said it, it wasn’t made up. But no, witless Teresa was intent only on silencing her critics and if that meant lying to the police then a liar would have to lie.

Teresa and BorisI’d never heard of Olly Cromwell until he showed up at a council meeting on 2nd March 2011. I doubt very much Teresa O’Neill knew anything of him either. That was the meeting where Olly taped mayor Val Clark breaking the question time rules so naturally he became an instant target for Bexley’s venom. Within days Teresa had him reported to the police too, all he had done at that stage was take up Eric Pickles’ invitation to be a citizen journalist. Nevertheless he was sent a Harassment Letter accusing him of posting blogs on this website. Another lie in the cause of silencing critics.

Teresa O’Neill is, you will remember, Boris Johnson’s ambassador to Outer London, because, so he said in a letter, she is the woman he admires most in local government. Someone who makes up stories to feed to the police for her own political ends - not to mention offering shelter to obscene bloggers. Strange taste in women Boris.


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