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News and Comment February 2012

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28 February - Petition news

Bexley council leader Teresa O'Neill and Eric Pickles MPElwyn Bryant has asked that I pass on news of what he has been up to since Bexley council refused to listen to the views of his 2,219 signatories. He had a meeting with his MP, James Brokenshire last week and came away from it feeling he had gained an ally. That is not all that surprising; James is already on record as saying, “In these extremely difficult times senior managers in local councils and elsewhere might consider agreeing to a voluntary cut in pay and conditions as Ministers have done”. Mr. Brokenshire considered that Bexley council might be in conflict with the Localism Bill and indicted he would have more to say on that matter.

For my part I asked my MP Teresa Pearce if she would consider putting the facts before Eric Pickles to make sure he knows that whether the case be citizen journalists, armchair auditors, weekly bin collections, council propaganda sheets or the Big Society itself, councils like Bexley will raise two fingers. My view is that Eric Pickles has proved to be nothing but a bag of wind and I suspect Teresa might agree but she has offered to do the deed anyway. Rumour has it that there are three MPs within the borough of Bexley; can that be true?


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